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Sleepy Baby

Pediatric Care

Children ranging from birth through the teenage years.

Postural strain

Discomfort interfering with sleep and attention


TMJ Dysfunction



Perinatal Care
Specializing in pregnancy, preconception and  postpartum care: 
Postural Changes

Headaches, Neck and Back Pain
 Pubic Symphys
is Pain (PSD)
Nausea, Heartburn, Digestion Problems
*Discomfort interfering with sleep and other daily activities

Postpartum Rehab

Dr. Kugel and Dr. Burgos Diaz use comprehensive diagnostic exams to customize treatment for each patients needs.

Our doctors use gentle and modified techniques including:

 -Chiropractic Adjustment

-Webster Technique

-Myofascial Release

-Cranio Sacral Therapy

-Therapeutic Exercise

-Soft Tissue Work (IASTM)

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