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Dr. Wilcox discovered chiropractic quite by accident. After spending numerous years working at Ralph’s Thriftway, he utilized a chiropractor for some low back pain that occurred, most likely while throwing freight at night. It’s those poor lifting habits! He walked away without pain, but with a relatively neutral impression of what chiropractic was all about. Toward the end of his “grocery career,” he looked into the chiropractic health field. The conservative nature of helping patients with the source of their pain had an incredible draw for him. The eight years of school did not! Persevering through school, national boards, and state boards, he finally landed back in Olympia in 1990.

Dr. Wilcox began practice in 1990, providing care to patients of all ages. Numerous continuing educational opportunities arose including a diplomat program in Neurology, and Occupational best practices. He completed a consultant program in the mid 90’s to become a chiropractic consultant for the Department of Labor and Industries. A few years later, additional training was obtained to become an Approved Examiner for LNI. In 2004, he applied and was approved to serve on the Chiropractic Advisory Committee for the Department of Labor and Industries. He served on the Industrial Insurance Chiropractic Advisory Committee until his terms expired in 2022.  

Dr. Wilcox served on the Advisory Committee on Healthcare Innovation and Evaluation, for LNI  which is a venue for business, labor and providers to provide input and advice related to the provider network and health care innovation to LNI.  Also terming out of this committee in 2022. This allowed Dr. Wilcox the opportunity to participate in numerous educational opportunities, both in the audience and as an instructor within the profession and in interdisciplinary forums. He is also a member of the American Chiropractic Association, Washington State Chiropractic Association,  as well as representing the 10th district on the Board of Directors for the Washington State Chiropractic Association. Currently, Dr  Wilcox continues working with LNI as an internal consultant to the Office of the Medical Director.  Dr. Wilcox was recently elected to the Clinical Compass, which is a guideline development committee, first created in 1995 at the behest of all state and national chiropractic associations.  Currently updating and creating guidelines for the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Wilcox enjoys both playing and listening to music, working with wood in all forms, and manicuring the yard.  A weekend can’t get much better than mowing the yard and taking out the compound miter saw! He is blessed with a beautiful wife, Ellen of 26 years, three wonderful kids, Kevin, Kyle and Laura, two great kid-in-laws Alison and Brandon. Last but not least, three grandchildren, Eli, Lily and Charlotte, that make the world that much more full and exciting!  

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